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Whether you work full time or stay home with your kids, keeping your house clean seems like a never-ending task. It’s overwhelming to think about wiping down your baseboards and door frames when you can barely stay on top of the laundry. And you don’t even want to think about the last time you mopped the floors. We get it! That’s why H&R Cleaning is here. To take care of your home so that you can enjoy being in it—without feeling burdened by an unending to-do list. Even those who keep a tidy...
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You’ve traded your sweaters for short sleeves, made plans to get in shape for summer, and given your yard some much-needed attention. Spring is like a breath of fresh air, bringing us brighter, longer days and breezy mornings. While you enjoy spending time outside, there’s something about being indoors on warm, sunny days.
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Free Cleaning for Cancer Patients

H&R Cleaning is proud to be a part of Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit that donates free cleaning services to households battling cancer.

If you or somebody you know is battling cancer, please contact us for more information about this program.

Cleaning for a Reason
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