Do You Tip Your House Cleaner?

To Tip or Not to Tip?

Should you tip your house cleaner? Maybe you didn’t know that people tipped their cleaning crew. Or, maybe you tip but you don’t really know what the acceptable rate is. We are here to clear up the confusion around tipping your house cleaner!

H&R Cleaning Tipping Policy

At H&R Cleaning, tipping is never required! But, we appreciate everyone who takes time to give to their cleaning technicians. This shows us that you are happy with the service you received and you appreciate our hard working team members. But how much to tip and when?

woman dusting mirror for house cleaning

How Much Do You Tip Your House Cleaners?

You should never feel obligated to tip and the amount to tip is always up to you. We aim to provide cleaning results that you are overjoyed with! Then, you naturally want to tip your cleaners out of pure appreciation. That said, the generally accepted rate among house cleaning services is 10% – 20% of the cost to clean your home. 

Do You Tip for Recurring Cleaning Services? 

Again, this decision is completely up to you. But, if you feel your team is doing a consistently great job, tipping is a great way to show your appreciation. Our recurring cleaning services can be set up to once a week, every other week, or monthly. You could give every cleaning or once a month, or as is most convenient for you.

woman dusting under sofa

Do you Tip for Deep Cleanings and One Time Cleanings? 

Our Deep Cleaning services and Move In/Move Out Cleaning services involve a lot of work. We take time to cover areas and details that aren’t covered in our recurring cleanings. There’s heavy moving, scrubbing, polishing, and dusting to really get your space shining. While there are so many benefits to deep cleaning your home, your cleaning team will take a lot of time and energy in these cleanings. So, a tip is a great way to tell them “thank you” and to show them you are happy with their work. 

How Do You Tip Multiple Cleaners? 

If the generally accepted rate is 10 – 20% of the cost to clean your home, what do you do if you have multiple cleaners? For a single cleaning technician, you would give your full tip to them. For larger houses and bigger jobs, you may have several team members cleaning your home. In this case, you would equally divide the tip between the cleaning technicians. In these instances, we recommend at least a 10% tip.

house cleaners mopping and polishing desk

What About a Christmas Bonus or Once a Year Tip? 

If you’d prefer to tip once a year, like around Christmas or the end of the year, that is acceptable as well. If you receive our recurring cleaning service, then you understand how your cleaning technicians become like family. As you build rapport with your team and see that they are consistently doing a great job cleaning your home, a Christmas bonus is a great way to bless your cleaning team. 

H&R Cleaning Makes Tipping Easy

We have set up a way to easily tip online. This way, you don’t have to fumble with cash or worry about breaking the bills. It’s especially easy if you have multiple cleaning technicians cleaning your home. Check out our online tipping tool

We appreciate every client that supports us and has partnered with us over the last six years! We aim to make every clean the best clean. Your tip is entirely up to you and we are so grateful for everyone who gives to our amazing team. It lets us know we’re doing a great job, too. To schedule your next clean, book online in less than 60 seconds!


Amanda is the founder and owner of H&R Cleaning, a thriving cleaning company she established more than a decade ago armed with just a vacuum and a handful of flyers. Today, Amanda leads a dedicated team of 17 highly skilled cleaning technicians, serving 357 recurring clients. With an impressive track record of 6,900 households cleaned, Amanda aims to improve the lives of her fellow residents in Bryan/College Station, Texas by promoting a healthier, cleaner, and happier home life.