The H&R Cleaning Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

spring cleaning basket with flowers and cleaning supplies

Ready for spring cleaning? The flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green, the pollen is descending, and the mosquito hawks and June bugs are flocking to our homes. Spring is officially here in the Brazos Valley!  It never fails, this time of year you get an itch to do a deep spring cleaning of…

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The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to Achieve Sparkling Results

Keeping your bathroom clean and fresh isn’t just about making it look good; it’s also about creating a healthy and germ-free place to freshen up. Our complete bathroom cleaning checklist is your go-to resource to make sure every part of your bathroom is squeaky clean. Whether it’s the sink, shower, or toilet, we’ve outlined detailed…

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How Much Does a House Deep Cleaning Cost?

deep cleaning house with spray bottle and cloth

What Can I Expect to Pay for a Deep Cleaning? So, how much does a house deep cleaning cost? You’re ready to get your house really cleaned but you are worried about the cost. The good news is that our house deep cleaning services are affordable and every cent worth the cost. From noticing and…

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The Many Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

woman spraying cleaner on table

Level Up with Deep Cleaning Your Home Raise your hand if you’d like to come home today to a deep cleaned home! Chances are your hand went straight up. In addition to giving you an instant mood boost, deep cleaning your home has many benefits. While regular cleaning may help maintain a presentable appearance, deep…

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Do Dogs Make Your House Dirty?

three dogs in home blog header

How to Keep a Clean House with Dogs Are you a proud dog owner? We all know that our furry companions bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. However, it’s no secret that they can also leave a trail of dirt, hair, and odors behind. But fear not! With a few simple strategies…

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Where to Start Cleaning a Messy House

woman holding head overwhelmed with messy house

Messy Houses Happen, We Can Help Let’s be honest, a messy house can be overwhelming and leave you wondering where to even start. Life has a way of throwing curve balls, forcing you out of your routine and taking time and focus away from maintaining your home. In fact, a 2009 study found the levels…

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